A Winter Full of Rainbows Instead of Snow

13 Jul
Lots of colors often adorn the Kiwi sky

A rainbow over the Waikato

One of the first things I noticed about New Zealand is the frequency of rainbows.

I am not talking about once or twice a month.  Even that would be a lot, considering back in Minnesota we were lucky to see one a year.  Here on the North Island of  New Zealand during the winter, you get them on an almost daily basis.  As long as you have rain on a daily basis like we have for the last week.  It doesn’t even have to be early morning or late afternoon to see a rainbow.  I saw a beauty develop just after 11 o’clock yesterday morning.  Pretty impressive.  Of course, I guess that’s what happens the sun is at such an incredibly low angle and it has it’s light refracted through raindrops rather than snowflakes.  Don’t forget.  It’s winter down here.  In Minnesota, during the winter, rain is not exactly the predominant form of precipitation.

Now, it’s not that snow doesn’t happen here in New Zealand.  It does.  The higher elevations and part of the South Island can see quite a bit.  But I am further north where it’s warmer.  Not that it ever gets as cold here as it does in Minnesota.  I remember one December day back in 1983.  When I left for school that morning, the air temperature was a bone chilling -31 F.  And the wind chill formula that was used back then put the wind chill at -101 thanks to the 30-35 mph winds.  Here on the North Island, we rarely go below freezing.  But, after having spent the last year in the Arizona desert, 32 F seems mighty cold.

That’s ok.  I am sure my Golden Gopher blood will thicken right back up again.

So, there you have it.  My first real post on this blog.  Again, I have to give a nod to a fellow American who also recently moved here.  The blog she is doing was the inspiration for this one.

Coming up tomorrow-  Kiwis, Blokes and Fortnights


Monkey see, monkey do

12 Jul

A fellow American transplant inspired me to start my own blog of what it’s like to move in down under. Being born and raised in the frozen tundra of the great white north of United States, New Zealand is quite the change. Many of my past Facebook posts have been about my new experiences here. But this will give me a little more space to rant, rave, kvell, kvetsch, etc, etc. So kick back and enjoy. My first REAL post should be coming up tomorrow.